Water Treatment


Easy ways to treat water at home

Have you ever imagined how the water you subject to different uses at you faucets is treated and cleaned? Sometimes we waste time and money hiring individuals and companies to clean the water we use, yet the solution lies in our hands. It is high time to take charge of your home and control your water purification. Water treatment methods vary from place to place depending on the type of water, but today’s cleansing methods follow only a few steps.

Treating water at home

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Boiling is relatively easy to do too. This method is efficient and strongly advised for drinking water. It will kill all organisms and micro-organisms that may be present in water. Before you start boiling, first filter or decant the water, then subject it to heat until it gets to a bubbling point. Boiled water may not be tasty, but one can vigorously shake it to re-oxygen it.

Straining water through cloth

This is the simplest method of treating water. It will only need you to have a sizable container a piece of cloth and a string. The fabric will cover the mouth of the container and the string tied around the neck to support it. Water is then poured through the cloth to the container. This kind of filtration will eliminate the primary solid impurities from water. This impurity may include, pebbles and insect larvae. The fabric was used, cotton preferably, should be thick and permeable enough to properly retain the impurities and allow the water to go through with ease. Before drinking, this water should be boiled or chlorinated.

Treatment by chlorination

This is a straightforward and effective way of disinfecting water. It involved the introduction of chlorine tabs into the water to kill the bacteria in it. After putting chlorine tabs in water, wait for about thirty minutes before using the water. This method is effective for water meant for consumption and even cleaning.

Treatment by ceramic filters

Ceramic filters are easy to make. They take the shalmlmlmlsmvlmsvlmsldmvlsmdvlsdvsdvsdvpe of a flower pot and contain fine silver colloidal particles serving as disinfectant, and stopping the bacteria penetration in the filter. This filter is keenly placed in a 20-liter container and water poured through it. This method eliminates almost all bacteria and parasites that may be found in the water, hence being a reliable way.