Why We Should Stop Eating Packaged Meat


Eating healthy means we all have to be careful of the kinds of food we eat. However, it becomes difficult to make this decision when it comes to foods such as poultry, seafood or even meat as they enrich our bodies with iron, vitamins, proteins among other essential minerals. These foods contain relatively too many fats and cholesterol.

Reasons To Stop Eating Packaged Meat

Processing time

When we are buying, meet we all want the processingmkdsmcmskdmcksmckmsdcsdcsdc time to be the least possible. We, therefore, end up buying packed meat. The problem with packed meat is that they are preserved with poor quality and unhealthy ingredients.

Ingredients used for preservation

The harmful ingredients include preservatives, sodium, and additives. Sodium works as a preservative as well as adds flavor, and many items that are frozen or ready for the microwave have a significant amount of sodium, often enough for several days worth of servings! You may need these types of meals so often, but they should be the exception and not the rule.

The freshness of the meat we are buying

Fresher items do not need to preservatives, thus buying fresh meats and preparing them yourself is the best way to have foods that are healthy and nutritious. We also need to be careful of handling the meat to prevent foodborne infections that are often caused by contaminated meat.

The quantity of fats in fish

Fish is naturally low in fat and typically healthy, but some fish varieties such as salmon have more fat content than others. Use the nutrition labels for canned items as your guide.


If we have to eat chicken the best choice should be to buy skinless, boneless chicken breasts as this is healthy and convenient since it can be suitable for many dishes, alternatively we can buy ground turkey breast as it contains lower fat rather than buying the rest of the field turkey beef.

Take note

None of this means that you need to stop eating beef and pork altogether. Choose lean cuts of these meats as this is a healthy option. You can get many valuable nutrients from beef and pork, including zinc, iron, and many B vitamins, and of course, they can be nutritious especially when you prepare them properly.

Other options could be trying some exotic beef like venison, buffalo, or emu. These meats are becoming popular options in supermarkets and are often used in place of meat. They offer a lot of protein while being lower in fat. They may be more expensive, but you can find local stores that sell at a reasonable price.